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Unraveling by Elizabeth Norris

Like The Forest of Hands and Teeth, Elizabeth Norris’s Unraveling blends realistic coming-of-age issues with a gripping science fiction world. Unraveling’s heroine, sixteen-year-old Janelle Tenner, is used to having a lot of responsibility. She balances working as a lifeguard in San Diego with an intense academic schedule. Janelle’s mother is bipolar, and her dad is a workaholic FBI agent, which means Janelle also has to look out for her younger brother, Jared. And that was before she died…and is brought back to life by Ben Michaels, a mysterious, alluring loner from her high school. When she discovers a strange clock that seems to be counting down to the earth’s destruction, Janelle learns she has twenty-four days to figure out how to stop the clock and save the planet.

Author: Elizabeth Norris

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The Unraveling by Benjamin Rosenbaum

In a society where biotechnology has revolutionized gender, young Fift must decide whether to conform or carve a new path.

Author: Benjamin Rosenbaum

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Unraveling by Brandon Leake

Season 15 winner of America's Got Talent, Brandon Leake, presents his debut poetry collection. Brandon is the first spoken word poet to compete on AGT and to receive the Golden Buzzer award in the first round, going on to win the entire competition! From famous spoken word poet, artistic educator, and founder/CEO of “Called to Move” Brandon Leake comes his debut poetry collection Unraveling. In an era of self love, the ability to love oneself is only as effective as the ability to know oneself. Throughout his collection, Leake asks readers to look at something beautiful, yet still see its flaws. On the flip side, he encourages readers to look at something evil, and yet still see the beauty it holds. Universally relatable, surprisingly educational, and all around powerful, Unraveling is a collection of poetry inspiring us to slow down, breathe, and read between the lines.

Author: Brandon Leake

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Unraveling by Frico Ahrendts

Once unraveled, we all display what lies beneath. It's also what lies to us. From the pain of a failing relationship against the backdrop of nuclear war to a spaced-out teenager in the middle of a hurricane, to entire realities collapsing, Unraveling is a compelling collection of short stories that speak beyond their words. Most stories being fiction, with a few nonfiction, as well as an ongoing series broken up within the book (the Don't series), Unraveling is a very unique creature.

Author: Frico Ahrendts

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Unraveling by Nicole Edwards,Timberlyn Scott

Secrets and lies ... No good ever comes of them. My life is proof. For eleven years, I've suffered from a suspicion that has waged a war inside my head, filled me with rage. Left me feeling helpless. But then she came along. The darkness continues to consume me, but when I'm with her, I can ignore it, push it away. Even if only for a little while. Payton calms me. She manages to quiet the noise in my head. But the secret is still there, still continuing to plague me day after day. Yet I still can't bring myself to tell her even though she deserves to know. She needs to know. I love her. And I'll do anything to protect her. Although I've found some peace, my life continues to unravel, no matter how hard I try to stop it. My name is Sebastian Trovato and this is the continuation of my story. Book 2 of 3: All three books are available! From New York Times bestselling author Nicole Edwards, writing as Timberlyn Scott

Author: Nicole Edwards,Timberlyn Scott

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Unraveling by Matthew J. Wolf-Meyer

Developing a cybernetic model of subjectivity and personhood that honors disability experiences to reconceptualize the category of the human Twentieth-century neuroscience fixed the brain as the basis of consciousness, the self, identity, individuality, even life itself, obscuring the fundamental relationships between bodies and the worlds that they inhabit. In Unraveling, Matthew J. Wolf-Meyer draws on narratives of family and individual experiences with neurological disorders, paired with texts by neuroscientists and psychiatrists, to decenter the brain and expose the ableist biases in the dominant thinking about personhood. Unraveling articulates a novel cybernetic theory of subjectivity in which the nervous system is connected to the world it inhabits rather than being walled off inside the body, moving beyond neuroscientific, symbolic, and materialist approaches to the self to focus instead on such concepts as animation, modularity, and facilitation. It does so through close readings of memoirs by individuals who lost their hearing or developed trauma-induced aphasia, as well as family members of people diagnosed as autistic—texts that rethink modes of subjectivity through experiences with communication, caregiving, and the demands of everyday life. Arguing for a radical antinormative bioethics, Unraveling shifts the discourse on neurological disorders from such value-laden concepts as “quality of life” to develop an inclusive model of personhood that honors disability experiences and reconceptualizes the category of the human in all of its social, technological, and environmental contexts.

Author: Matthew J. Wolf-Meyer

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Unraveling by Sara Ella

“A sequel that outshines its already brilliant predecessor.” —Nadine Brandes, award-winning author of the Out of Time trilogy What happens when happily ever after starts to unravel? Eliyana Ember doesn’t believe in true love. Not anymore. After defeating her grandfather and saving the Second Reflection, El only trusts what’s right in front of her. The tangible. The real. Not some unexplained Kiss of Infinity she once shared with the ghost of a boy she’s trying to forget. She has more important things to worry about—like becoming queen of the Second Reflection, a role she is so not prepared to fill. Now that the Verity is intertwined with her soul and Joshua’s finally by her side, El is ready to learn more about her mysterious birth land, the land she now rules. So why does she feel like something—or someone—is missing? When the thresholds begin to drain and the Callings, those powerful magical gifts, begin to fail, El wonders if her link to Ky Rhyen may have something to do with it. For light and darkness cannot coexist. She needs answers before the Callings disappear altogether. Can El find a way to sever her connection to Ky and save the Reflections—and keep herself from falling for him in the process?

Author: Sara Ella

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Unraveling by Gabrielle Kniery

Gabrielles poetry book UNRAVELING is about a young woman finding herself. Each piece of poetry comes from her personal journey, of life, love, heart ache, personal struggles, allowing the readers to relate. Every day she journals about her day, summing up what shes experienced into significant pieces, inspiring all walks of life to follow their calling.

Author: Gabrielle Kniery

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The Unraveling by Emma Sky

One of the New York Times' 100 Notable Books of 2015 One of Financial Times' Books of the Year, 2015 A New York Times Editors' Choice A New Statesman [UK] Essential Book of the Year 2015 A Times [UK] Book of the Year 2015 Shortlisted for the 2015 Samuel Johnson Prize for Nonfiction Shortlisted for the 2016 Orwell Prize When Emma Sky volunteered to help rebuild Iraq after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein in 2003, she had little idea what she was getting in to. Her assignment was only supposed to last three months. She went on to serve there longer than any other senior military or diplomatic figure, giving her an unrivaled perspective of the entire conflict. As the representative of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Kirkuk in 2003 and then the political advisor to US General Odierno from 2007-2010, Sky was valued for her knowledge of the region and her outspoken voice. She became a tireless witness to American efforts to transform a country traumatized by decades of war, sanctions, and brutal dictatorship; to insurgencies and civil war; to the planning and implementation of the surge and the subsequent drawdown of US troops; to the corrupt political elites who used sectarianism to mobilize support; and to the takeover of a third of the country by the Islamic State. With sharp detail and tremendous empathy, Sky provides unique insights into the US military as well as the complexities, diversity, and evolution of Iraqi society. The Unraveling is an intimate insider's portrait of how and why the Iraq adventure failed and contains a unique analysis of the course of the war. Highlighting how nothing that happened in Iraq after 2003 was inevitable, Sky exposes the failures of the policies of both Republicans and Democrats, and the lessons that must be learned about the limitations of power.

Author: Emma Sky

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Unraveling Oliver by Liz Nugent

A chilling, elegantly crafted, and psychologically astute exploration of human behavior and the nature of evil. “I expected more of a reaction the first time I hit her.” Oliver Ryan, a handsome, charismatic, and successful man, is happily married to his wife, Alice, who illustrates the award-winning children’s books he writes and devotedly cares for him in their comfortable suburban home. Their life together is one of enviable privilege and ease—until, one evening after a delightful dinner, Oliver delivers blows to Alice that render her comatose. As Alice hovers between life and death in her hospital bed, the couple’s circle of friends, neighbors, and acquaintances try to understand what could have driven Oliver to commit such an astonishing act of savagery. Oliver tells his story, peeling away the layers to reveal a life of shame, envy, breath-taking deception, and masterful manipulation. As details about his past catch up with him, even he is in for a shock. Unraveling Oliver is a complex, disturbing, and brilliantly written page-turner about how and why a human being transforms into a sociopath.

Author: Liz Nugent

The Great Unraveling: Losing Our Way in the New Century (7 votes)

Summary The Great Unraveling: Losing Our Way in the New Century eBook Pdf ePub and Kindle

The Great Unraveling: Losing Our Way in the New Century by Paul Krugman

"Paul Krugman is a hero of mine. Read his book."—Al Franken No one has more authority to call the shots the way they really are than award-winning economist Paul Krugman, whose provocative New York Times columns are keenly followed by millions. One of the world's most respected economists, Krugman has been named America's most important columnist by the Washington Monthly and columnist of the year by Editor and Publisher magazine. A major bestseller, this influential and wide-ranging book has been praised by BusinessWeek as Krugman's "most provocative and compelling effort yet," the New York Review of Books as "refreshing," and Library Journal as "thought-provoking...even funny." The American Prospect put it in vivid terms: "In a time when too few tell it like it is...[Krugman] has taken on the battle of our time." Built from Paul Krugman's influential Op-Ed columns for the New York Times, this book galvanized the reading public. With wit, passion, and a unique ability to explain complex issues in plain English, Krugman describes how the nation has been misled by a dishonest administration. In this long-awaited work containing Krugman's most influential columns along with new commentary, he chronicles how the boom economy unraveled: how exuberance gave way to pessimism, how the age of corporate heroes gave way to corporate scandals, how fiscal responsibility collapsed. From his account of the secret history of the California energy crisis to his devastating dissections of dishonesty in the Bush administration, from the war in Iraq to the looting of California to the false pretenses used to sell an economic policy that benefits only a small elite, Krugman tells the uncomfortable truth like no one else. And he gives us the road map we will need to follow if we are to get the country back on track. The paperback edition features a new introduction as well as new writings.

Author: Paul Krugman

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The Unraveling by John R. Schmidt

How did a nation founded as a homeland for South Asian Muslims, most of whom follow a tolerant nonthreatening form of Islam, become a haven for Al Qaeda and a rogue's gallery of domestic jihadist and sectarian groups? In this groundbreaking history of Pakistan's involvement with radical Islam, John R. Schmidt, the senior U.S political analyst in Pakistan in the years before 9/11, places the blame squarely on the rulers of the country, who thought they could use Islamic radicals to advance their foreign policy goals without having to pay a steep price. This strategy worked well at first--in Afghanistan during the anti-Soviet jihad, in Kashmir in support of a local uprising against Indian rule, and again in Afghanistan in backing the Taliban in the Afghan civil war. But the government's plans would begin to unravel in the wake of 9/11, when the rulers' support for the U.S. war on terror caused many of their jihadist allies to turn against them. Today the army generals and feudal politicians who run Pakistan are by turns fearful of the consequences of going after these groups and hopeful that they can still be used to advance the state's interests. The Unraveling is the clearest account yet of the complex, dangerous relationship between the leaders of Pakistan and jihadist groups—and how the rulers' decisions have led their nation to the brink of disaster and put other nations at great risk. Can they save their country or will we one day find ourselves confronting the first nuclear-armed jihadist state?

Author: John R. Schmidt

Unraveling Life’s Riddle (810 votes)

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Unraveling Life’s Riddle by Tami Yaguri

Happiness is fleeting, but meaning endures—even through terrible unhappiness. This book helps to unravel the riddle of how to bring meaning to one’s life. It also outlines a disciplined technique for uncovering meaning in life. This meaning becomes a north star for navigation and appears in the overlap between an identity and a worldview.

Author: Tami Yaguri

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Unraveling Eleven by Jerri Chisholm

Eve Hamilton has finally realized true freedom, but then, just like that, it’s wrenched from her grasp. And this time, the corridors of the dark underground city are even more dangerous than ever before. But her brief taste of freedom has left her with something useful, something powerful, something that terrifies the leaders of Compound Eleven. Now Eve has a monster inside. A monster that she’ll need to learn to control, and fast, or she’ll lose everything and everyone she holds dear. Starting with Wren Edelman. The one boy who has taught her that anything is possible if they stick together. But will that matter if she becomes the very thing he fears the most? The Eleven trilogy is best enjoyed in order. Reading Order: Book #1 Escaping Eleven Book #2 Unraveling Eleven

Author: Jerri Chisholm

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Unraveling by Peggy Orenstein

“Orenstein is such a breezy, funny writer, it’s easy to forget she’s an important thinker too.”—People In this lively, funny memoir, Peggy Orenstein sets out to make a sweater from scratch—shearing, spinning, dyeing wool—and in the process discovers how we find our deepest selves through craft. Orenstein spins a yarn that will appeal to everyone. The Covid pandemic propelled many people to change their lives in ways large and small. Some adopted puppies. Others stress-baked. Peggy Orenstein, a lifelong knitter, went just a little further. To keep herself engaged and cope with a series of seismic shifts in family life, she set out to make a garment from the ground up: learning to shear sheep, spin and dye yarn, then knitting herself a sweater. Orenstein hoped the project would help her process not just wool but her grief over the recent death of her mother and the decline of her dad, the impending departure of her college-bound daughter, and other thorny issues of aging as a woman in a culture that by turns ignores and disdains them. What she didn’t expect was a journey into some of the major issues of our time: climate anxiety, racial justice, women’s rights, the impact of technology, sustainability, and, ultimately, the meaning of home. With her wry voice, sharp intelligence, and exuberant honesty, Orenstein shares her year-long journey as daughter, wife, mother, writer, and maker—and teaches us all something about creativity and connection.

Author: Peggy Orenstein

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Unraveled by Maxine Bedat

Longlisted for the FT/McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award A groundbreaking chronicle of the birth--and death--of a pair of jeans, that exposes the fractures in our global supply chains, and our relationships to each other, ourselves, and the planet Take a look at your favorite pair of jeans. Maybe you bought them on Amazon or the Gap; maybe the tag says "Made in Bangladesh" or "Made in Sri Lanka." But do you know where they really came from, how many thousands of miles they crossed, or the number of hands who picked, spun, wove, dyed, packaged, shipped, and sold them to get to you? The fashion industry operates with radical opacity, and it's only getting worse to disguise countless environmental and labor abuses. It epitomizes the ravages inherent in the global economy, and all in the name of ensuring that we keep buying more while thinking less about its real cost. In Unraveled, entrepreneur, researcher, and advocate Maxine Bédat follows the life of an American icon--a pair of jeans--to reveal what really happens to give us our clothes. We visit a Texas cotton farm figuring out how to thrive without relying on fertilizers that poison the earth. Inside dyeing and weaving factories in China, where chemicals that are banned in the West slosh on factory floors and drain into waterways used to irrigate local family farms. Sewing floors in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are crammed with women working for illegally low wages to produce garments as efficiently as machines. Back in America, our jeans get stowed, picked, and shipped out by Amazon warehouse workers pressed to be as quick as the robots primed to replace them. Finally, those jeans we had to have get sent to landfills--or, if they've been "donated," shipped back around the world to Africa, where they're sold for pennies in secondhand markets or buried and burned in mountains of garbage. A sprawling, deeply researched, and provocative tour-de-force, Unraveled is not just the story of a pair of pants, but also the story of our global economy and our role in it. Told with piercing insight and unprecedented reporting, Unraveled challenges us to use our relationship with our jeans--and all that we wear--to reclaim our central role as citizens to refashion a society in which all people can thrive and preserve the planet for generations to come.

Author: Maxine Bedat

The Consciousness Instinct (936 votes)

Summary The Consciousness Instinct eBook Pdf ePub and Kindle

The Consciousness Instinct by Michael S. Gazzaniga

“The father of cognitive neuroscience” illuminates the past, present, and future of the mind-brain problem How do neurons turn into minds? How does physical “stuff”—atoms, molecules, chemicals, and cells—create the vivid and various worlds inside our heads? The problem of consciousness has gnawed at us for millennia. In the last century there have been massive breakthroughs that have rewritten the science of the brain, and yet the puzzles faced by the ancient Greeks are still present. In The Consciousness Instinct, the neuroscience pioneer Michael S. Gazzaniga puts the latest research in conversation with the history of human thinking about the mind, giving a big-picture view of what science has revealed about consciousness. The idea of the brain as a machine, first proposed centuries ago, has led to assumptions about the relationship between mind and brain that dog scientists and philosophers to this day. Gazzaniga asserts that this model has it backward—brains make machines, but they cannot be reduced to one. New research suggests the brain is actually a confederation of independent modules working together. Understanding how consciousness could emanate from such an organization will help define the future of brain science and artificial intelligence, and close the gap between brain and mind. Captivating and accessible, with insights drawn from a lifetime at the forefront of the field, The Consciousness Instinct sets the course for the neuroscience of tomorrow.

Author: Michael S. Gazzaniga

Red Line (706 votes)

Summary Red Line eBook Pdf ePub and Kindle

Red Line by Joby Warrick

In Red Line, Joby Warrick, the Pulitzer Prize–winning author of Black Flags, shares the thrilling unknown story of America’s mission in Syria: to find and destroy Syria’s chemical weapons and keep them out of the hands of the Islamic State. In August 2012, Syrian president Bashar al-Assad was clinging to power in a vicious civil war. When secret intelligence revealed that the dictator might resort to using chemical weapons, President Obama warned that doing so would cross “a red line.” Assad did it anyway, bombing the Damascus suburb of Ghouta with sarin gas, killing hundreds of civilians, and forcing Obama to decide if he would mire America in another unpopular war in the Middle East. When Russia offered to broker the removal of Syria’s chemical weapons, Obama leapt at the out. So began an electrifying race to find, remove, and destroy 1,300 tons of chemical weapons in the midst of a raging civil war. The extraordinary little-known effort is a triumph for the Americans, but soon Russia’s long game becomes clear: it will do anything to preserve Assad’s rule. As America’s ability to control events in Syria shrinks, the White House learns that ISIS, building its caliphate in Syria’s war-tossed territory, is seeking chemical weapons for itself, with an eye to attack the West. Drawing on astonishing original reporting, Warrick crafts a character-driven narrative that reveals how the United States embarked on a bold adventure to prevent one catastrophe but could not avoid a tragic chain of events that led to another.

Author: Joby Warrick

The Unblemished Trilogy (948 votes)

Summary The Unblemished Trilogy eBook Pdf ePub and Kindle

The Unblemished Trilogy by Sara Ella

Three complete YA fantasy stories from award-winning author Sara Ella—now available in one low-price e-collection! “A breathtaking fantasy set in an extraordinary fairy-tale world, with deceptive twists and an addictively adorable cast who are illusory to the end.” —Mary Weber, award-winning author of the Storm Siren Trilogy and To Best the Boys Unblemished Eliyana can’t bear to look at her own reflection. With a birthmark covering half her face, she just hopes to graduate high school unscathed. But what if this is only one Reflection—one world? What if another world exists where her blemish could become her strength? When Eliyana’s mother doesn’t come home one night, things start to get weird. Why is her swoony next-door neighbor now her legal guardian? Add a hooded stalker and a Central Park battle—yes, battle—to the mix and you’ve gone from weird to otherworldly. Eliyana soon finds herself in a world much larger and more complicated than she’s ever known. A world enslaved by a powerful and vile man. And she holds the key to defeating him. Unraveling What happens when happily ever after starts to unravel? Eliyana Ember doesn’t believe in true love. Not anymore. After defeating her grandfather and saving the Second Reflection, El only trusts what’s right in front of her. The tangible. The real. Not some unexplained Kiss of Infinity she once shared with the ghost of a boy she’s trying to forget. Unbreakable With the fate of the Reflections at stake, Eliyana must destroy the Void . . . but at what cost? Eliyana Ember is a reluctant queen. As vessel of the Verity, only she can lead the fight against the wicked magnetism of the Void. If she fails, the paths between Reflections will cease to exist, and those she loves will remain plagued by darkness. Praise for The Unblemished Trilogy: “Unblemished may have set the stage, but Unraveling will forever bind you to this story like a Kiss of Accord. Sara Ella’s exquisite writing left me gasping at new revelations and re-reading whole chapters just because. Unraveling is a sequel that outshines its already brilliant predecessor.” —Nadine Brandes, award-winning author of Fawkes “Lyrically written and achingly romantic—Unblemished will tug your heartstrings!” —Melissa Landers, author of Alienated, Invaded, and Starflight “Self-worth and destiny collide in this twisty-turny fantasy full of surprise and heart. With charm and wit, Sara Ella delivers Unblemished, a magical story with a compelling message and a unique take on the perils of Central Park.” —Shannon Dittemore, author of the Angel Eyes trilogy “Unblemished is an enchanting, beautifully written adventure with a pitch-perfect blend of fantasy, realism, and romance.” —Lorie Langdon, author of the bestselling Doon series “Unblemished had me from the first chapter—mystery, romance, and mind-blowing twists and turns that I SO did not see coming! The worlds Sara Ella builds are complex and seamless; the characters she creates are beautifully flawed.” —Krista McGee, author of the Anomaly trilogy

Author: Sara Ella

Unravel (26 votes)

Summary Unravel eBook Pdf ePub and Kindle

Unravel by Calia Read

Calia Read breaks the mold in this explosive novel that grabs hold and doesn’t let go until the shocking truth is revealed. One kiss can change everything. One month ago I was admitted to a psych ward. Yesterday, Lachlan told me I’m losing my mind. But I know what I saw. Will you believe me? Behind the walls of a mental hospital, Naomi Carradine feels her world breaking to pieces. She’s starting to believe all the voices questioning her sanity. Only visitors from the outside world keep her tethered to reality. But deep in her thoughts, Naomi is haunted by memories of a golden summer that twisted into a waking nightmare of obsessive love and fractured truths. Just home from college, Naomi moves in with her best friend, Lana, the daughter of a Virginia senator. At a lavish party thrown by Lana’s father, Naomi meets a sexy stockbroker named Max and finds herself unable to resist his charms. One fiery kiss and she’s going back for more, beginning a terrifying descent. Having witnessed the unspeakable, Naomi has only one hope of escape: unraveling the devastating secrets of her past. Unravel is intended for mature audiences. Praise for Unravel “A sexy, mysterious, and enthralling story . . . Calia Read’s words are so captivating, they’ll hold you hostage and throw you into loops you’ll never see coming.”—Claire Contreras, author of There Is No Light in Darkness

Author: Calia Read

Unraveling Bias (839 votes)

Summary Unraveling Bias eBook Pdf ePub and Kindle

Unraveling Bias by Christia Spears Brown

We need only scan the latest news headlines to see how bias and prejudice harm adults and children alike—every single day. Police shootings that give rise to the Black Lives Matter revolution . . . rampant sexual harassment of women and the subsequent #MeToo movement . . . extreme violence toward trans men and women. It would be easy to fix these problems if the examples stopped with a few racist or sexist individuals, but there are also biases embedded in our government policies, media, and institutions. As a developmental psychologist and international expert on stereotypes and discrimination in children, Dr. Christia Spears Brown knows that biases and prejudice don’t just develop as people become adults (or CEOs or politicians). They begin when children are young, slowly growing and exposed to prejudice in their classrooms, after-school activities, and, yes, even in their homes, no matter how enlightened their parents may consider themselves to be. The only way to have a more just and equitable world—not to mention more broad-minded, empathetic children—is for parents to closely examine biases beginning in childhood and how they infiltrate our kids’ lives. In her new book Unraveling Bias: How Prejudice Has Shaped Children for Generations and Why It's Time to Break the Cycle, Dr. Brown will uncover what scientists have learned about how children are impacted by biases, and how we adults can help protect them from those biases. Part science, part history, part current events, and part call to arms, Unraveling Bias provides readers with the answers to vital questions: • How do biased policies, schools, and media harm our children? • Where does childhood prejudice come from, and how do these prejudices shape children’s behavior, goals, relationships, and beliefs about themselves? • What can we learn from modern-day science to help us protect our children from these biases? Few issues today are as critical as being aware of bias and prejudice all around us and making sure our kids don’t succumb to them. To change lives and advance society, it’s time to unravel our biases—starting with the future leaders of the world.

Author: Christia Spears Brown

Unraveling Time (617 votes)

Summary Unraveling Time eBook Pdf ePub and Kindle

Unraveling Time by Kaven Manirajah

The 36/9 is a timing system that improves upon our current 24/7 system. At first glance, this system does nothing more than shrink our lengthy year to a shorter time frame, but a deeper analysis would prove otherwise. This 36/9 is not aimed at our yearly perception but works down to a quantum scale both physically and mentally. For the physical aspect of the 36/9, by increasing each minute and second to a larger frame, we have more space to explore and increase our precision. Now for the mental effect of this system, by reducing the length of time experienced by the brain, we can increase our rate of information processing. This simple alteration of our time system is the key toward our search for the truth behind creation and the hidden wonders of the universe, such as extra dimensions. In short, the 36/9 has been designed so that our society can be elevated to its next stage of development.

Author: Kaven Manirajah

Unraveling Jane Doe (1 votes)

Summary Unraveling Jane Doe eBook Pdf ePub and Kindle

Unraveling Jane Doe by Carol Ericson

What does she know? And will she die before she can tell it? Amnesiac Jane Doe agrees to let Border Patrol agent Rob Valdez help unravel the mystery of her identity. They never expected they’d uncover ties to a dangerous drug supplier—and find an undeniable attraction to each other. But soon someone will go to deadly lengths to keep Jane quiet before she remembers everything…even if it means killing them both.

Author: Carol Ericson

Unraveling Secrets (997 votes)

Summary Unraveling Secrets eBook Pdf ePub and Kindle

Unraveling Secrets by Lana Williams

Victorian Romance. When her father's murderer returns from the dead to threaten her family, Abigail Bradford attempts to warn him off, but soon learns chasing a ghost is no easy task. Stephen Nolton, Viscount Ashbury, stumbles upon Abigail in the dirty streets of London's East End. Able to read auras of good and evil after an electromagnetic experiment went terribly wrong, Stephen hovers on society's edge, keeping secret his unique skill and personal mission. Despite his fascination with the lady and her unique golden aura, he intends to keep his distance. Desperate to protect her family, Abigail turns to the one man she believes can aid her. In Stephen's arms, she finds so much more than she hoped. Stephen tries to resist his desire for the independent beauty, afraid she'll unravel his secrets. But when he discovers the murderer is linked to his own past, he must decide how much he's willing to risk for love.

Author: Lana Williams

Unraveling (4 votes)

Summary Unraveling eBook Pdf ePub and Kindle

Unraveling by Michelle Baldini,Lynn Biederman

THE SMART THING Is to Prepare for the Unexpected. So reads the fortune cookie fortune that Amanda receives at the beginning of her family’s vacation to Florida. Amanda knows all about preparing for the unexpected—her mother, whom she calls The Captain, is always hard on Amanda, and it’s just when Amanda lets her guard down that the very worst comes through. Looking for acceptance, Amanda turns her attention to boys, and doing whatever she can to be popular at school. That includes making out with the gorgeous senior Rick in his car after school—even though he has a girlfriend. And when Rick offers her The Deal—a real, official date to the Homecoming in front of everyone, in exchange for her virginity—Amanda jumps at the chance. But no matter how you try to prepare for the unexpected, sometimes you can’t. Sharp, chatty, and brutally honest, this debut novel is compulsively readable and heartbreakingly real.

Author: Michelle Baldini,Lynn Biederman

Reconstructing Ancient Linen Body Armor (1 votes)

Summary Reconstructing Ancient Linen Body Armor eBook Pdf ePub and Kindle

Reconstructing Ancient Linen Body Armor by Gregory S. Aldrete,Scott M. Bartell,Alicia Aldrete

News and World Report, MSNBC Online, and other international venues, this groundbreaking work will be a landmark in the study of ancient warfare.

Author: Gregory S. Aldrete,Scott M. Bartell,Alicia Aldrete

The Unraveling (886 votes)

Summary The Unraveling eBook Pdf ePub and Kindle

The Unraveling by K.L. Malmquist

Moments after Bobby left, someone began watching young, innocent Kate. Who will save her—a bumbling father, an overprotective mother, or perhaps a guardian angel? And who is this intruder who peers into the intimacies of Kate’s life? F. L. Wasselwick’s Return of the Golden Turtle breathed life into beautiful Kate Beckermen. Readers fell in love with her and her dashing, charismatic Bobby. What will become of these two young lovers? With Bobby on a quest to find his purpose, Kate’s life collides with a misguided soul, a social castaway—this man who watches from her mirror. Leviticus Darkweather, a sinister, misunderstood genius, systematically studies Kate from his self-imposed isolation. His purpose: to deliver the greatest of gifts—a message that will save us from ourselves. K. L. Malmquist weaves yet another fantastic tale. It is a wild and twisted ride, an unpredictable journey. It is romance and adventure written with a flair for futuristic science fiction. Although the greatest of gifts has arrived, it comes not in a pretty little package. It remains locked away . . . in the mind of a madman . . . cradled by an insanity of our own creation. It is The Unraveling.

Author: K.L. Malmquist

Unraveling Light (700 votes)

Summary Unraveling Light eBook Pdf ePub and Kindle

Unraveling Light by Elayna Mae Darcy

A soul put to paper through scribbles and prose. A heart that beats even though it's been battered. A collection of poems that serves as more than the written sum of one person's experiences-it is a celebration of surviving them.

Author: Elayna Mae Darcy

Unblemished (3 votes)

Summary Unblemished eBook Pdf ePub and Kindle

Unblemished by Sara Ella

“A breathtaking fantasy set in an extraordinary fairy-tale world, with deceptive twists and an addictively adorable cast who are illusory to the end. Just when I thought I’d figured each out, Sara Ella sent me for another ride. A wholly original story, Unblemished begins as a sweet melody and quickly becomes an anthem of the heart. And I’m singing my soul out. Fans of Once Upon a Time and Julie Kagawa, brace yourselves.” —Mary Weber, award-winning author of the Storm Siren Trilogy Eliyana can’t bear to look at her own reflection. But what if that were only one Reflection—one world? What if another world exists where her blemish could become her strength? Eliyana is used to the shadows. With a birthmark covering half her face, she just hopes to graduate high school unscathed. That is, until Joshua hops a fence and changes her perspective. No one, aside from her mother, has ever treated her like he does: normal. Maybe even beautiful. Because of Joshua, Eliyana finally begins to believe she could be loved. But one night her mother doesn’t come home, and that’s when everything gets weird. Now Joshua is her new, and rather reluctant, legal Guardian. Add a hooded stalker and a Central Park battle to the mix and you’ve gone from weird to otherworldly. Eliyana soon finds herself in a world much larger and more complicated than she’s ever known. A world enslaved by a powerful and vile man. And Eliyana holds the answer to defeating him. How can an ordinary girl, a blemished girl, become a savior when she can’t even save herself? “Lyrically written and achingly romantic—Unblemished will tug your heartstrings!” —Melissa Landers, author of Alienated, Invaded, and Starflight “Self-worth and destiny collide in this twisty-turny fantasy full of surprise and heart. Propelled into a world she knows nothing about, Eliyana learns that the birthmark she despises is not quite the superficial curse she thought it was—it’s worse, and the mark comes with a heavy responsibility. Can she face her reflection long enough to be the hero her new friends need? With charm and wit, author Sara Ella delivers Unblemished, a magical story with a compelling message and a unique take on the perils of Central Park.” —Shannon Dittemore, author of the Angel Eyes trilogy “Unblemished is an enchanting, beautifully written adventure with a pitch-perfect blend of fantasy, realism, and romance. Move this one to the top of your TBR pile and clear your schedule—you won't want to put it down!” —Lorie Langdon, author of the Amazon bestselling DOON series “Unblemished had me from the first chapter—mystery, romance, and mind-blowing twists and turns that I SO did not see coming! The worlds Sara Ella builds are complex and seamless; the characters she creates are beautifully flawed. Readers are sure to love this book and finish it, as I did, begging for more!” —Krista McGee, author of the ANOMALY trilogy

Author: Sara Ella

The Unraveling (787 votes)

Summary The Unraveling eBook Pdf ePub and Kindle

The Unraveling by Meredith Keller

A hand scripted letter arrives in a rural mailbox on a vineyard in Northern California saying, “I think you may be my grandmother.” This shocking statement instantly dredges up shattering memories, flashbacks at blinding speed of sexual assault, isolation, pain, severance, and shame. There was the promise of closure to a nightmare that also held the pain of reliving each and every episode of a tragic drama with secrets well hidden for 52 years. Will she respond to the letter?

Author: Meredith Keller

Unraveling Metamorphosis (974 votes)

Summary Unraveling Metamorphosis eBook Pdf ePub and Kindle

Unraveling Metamorphosis by Susan Katrinka Butler

Shalamaine Reicher is a comely girl from the other sides of the tracks. Luck favored her with a rescue by a compassionate woman from the streets who cleaned her up and fostered her. They created a phony genealogy to acquire legitimate identification so the girl could be enrolled in school, giggling over the ease of the process, and settled on the name Shalamaine Reicher – as good or as bad as any she could have chosen from the repertoire of her mother’s lovers (clients) – and now Celeste is her official aunt. After graduating college and earning a master’s degree, she got a job in journalism at the local newspaper, a profession for which she found a passion and bettering herself in the newspaper business. But she was sorely disillusioned (left for dead) by a brutal rape and beating by her “peers.” She was still a party favor! Picking herself up again, she relocated to survive, “butching” up her image being tall and strong, diminishing her feminine attributes, and concentrating on her mental skills and ability in journalism. But a man, her new boss, offers friendship, affection … and deep down she still wants to believe, even trust, until her carefully manufactured metamorphosis starts unraveling.

Author: Susan Katrinka Butler

Unraveling Time (852 votes)

Summary Unraveling Time eBook Pdf ePub and Kindle

Unraveling Time by Ann Miles

Ann Miles has been chronicling life in the Ecuadorian city of Cuenca for more than thirty years. In that time, she has witnessed change after change. A large regional capital where modern trains whisk residents past historic plazas, Cuenca has invited in the world and watched as its own citizens risk undocumented migration abroad. Families have arrived from rural towns only to then be displaced from the gentrifying city center. Over time, children have been educated, streetlights have made neighborhoods safer, and remittances from overseas have helped build new homes and sometimes torn people apart. Roads now connect people who once were far away, and talking or texting on cell phones has replaced hanging out at the corner store. Unraveling Time traces the enduring consequences of political and social movements, transnational migration, and economic development in Cuenca. Miles reckons with details that often escape less committed observers, suggesting that we learn a good deal more when we look back on whole lives. Practicing what she calls an ethnography of accrual, Miles takes a long view, where decades of seemingly disparate experiences coalesce into cultural transformation. Her approach not only reveals what change has meant in a major Latin American city but also serves as a reflection on ethnography itself.

Author: Ann Miles

Joining God in the Great Unraveling (729 votes)

Summary Joining God in the Great Unraveling eBook Pdf ePub and Kindle

Joining God in the Great Unraveling by Alan J. Roxburgh

The awareness that the churches shaped out of the European Reformations are in an advanced process of unraveling is becoming increasingly sensed by many. This book proposes a way of addressing this unraveling based on the experiences and knowledge of people who have always had to struggle with the unraveling of their own communities and worlds. It takes us outside the circular conversations of the Euro-tribal churches into dialogue with people who have been marginalized to see how they have learned to reenter their formative stories to discover ways of remaking themselves in the unraveling. The book then turns these discoveries into ways the churches can engage their own massive unraveling.

Author: Alan J. Roxburgh

Unraveling the Exposome (661 votes)

Summary Unraveling the Exposome eBook Pdf ePub and Kindle

Unraveling the Exposome by Sonia Dagnino,Anthony Macherone

This volume presents a comprehensive overview of the science and application of the Exposome through seventeen chapters from leaders in the field. At just over ten years since the term was coined by Christopher Wild in 2005, this is the first, field-defining volume to offer a holistic picture of the important and growing field of Exposomics. The term “Exposome” describes the sum of all exposures (not only chemical) that an individual can receive over a lifetime from both exogenous sources (environmental contaminants, food, lifestyle, drugs, air, etc.) and endogenous sources (metabolism, oxidative stress, lipid peroxidation, chemicals synthesized by the microbiome, etc.). The first section of this book contains chapters that discuss how the Exposome is defined and how the concept fits into the fields of public health and epidemiology. The second section provides an overview of techniques and methods to measure the human Exposome. The third section contains methods and applications for measuring the Exposome through external exposures. Section four provides an overview on statistical and computational techniques- including big data analysis - for characterizing the Exposome. Section five presents a global collection of case studies

Author: Sonia Dagnino,Anthony Macherone

Unraveling Faculty Burnout (987 votes)

Summary Unraveling Faculty Burnout eBook Pdf ePub and Kindle

Unraveling Faculty Burnout by Rebecca Pope-Ruark

A timely book about assessing, coping with, and mitigating burnout in higher education. Faculty often talk about how busy, overwhelmed, and stressed they are. These qualities are seen as badges of honor in a capitalist culture that values productivity above all else. But for many women in higher education, exhaustion and stress go far deeper than end-of-the-semester malaise. Burnout, a mental health syndrome caused by chronic workplace stress, is endemic to higher education in a patriarchal, productivity-obsessed culture. In this unique book for women in higher education, Rebecca Pope-Ruark, PhD, draws from her own burnout experience, as well as collected stories of faculty in various roles and career stages, interviews with coaches and educational developers, and extensive secondary research to address and mitigate burnout. Pope-Ruark lays out four pillars of burnout resilience for faculty members: purpose, compassion, connection, and balance. Each chapter contains relatable stories, reflective opportunities and exercises, and advice from women in higher education. Blending memoir, key research, and reflection opportunities, Pope-Ruark helps faculty not only address burnout personally but also use the tools in this book to eradicate the systemic conditions that cause it in the first place. As burnout becomes more visible, we can destigmatize it by acknowledging that women are not unraveling; instead, women in higher education are reckoning with the productivity cult embedded in our institutions, recognizing how it shapes their understanding and approach to faculty work, and learning how they can remedy it for themselves, their peers, and women faculty in the future. Contributors: Lee Skallerup Bessette, Cynthia Ganote, Emily O. Gravett, Hillary Hutchinson, Tiffany D. Johnson, Bridget Lepore, Jennifer Marlow, Sharon Michler, Marie Moeller, Valerie Murrenus Pilmaier, Catherine Ross, Kristi Rudenga, Katherine Segal, Kryss Shane, Jennifer Snodgrass, Lindsay Steiner, Kristi Verbeke

Author: Rebecca Pope-Ruark

Unraveling Software Maintenance and Evolution (618 votes)

Summary Unraveling Software Maintenance and Evolution eBook Pdf ePub and Kindle

Unraveling Software Maintenance and Evolution by Ervin Varga

Software maintenance work is often considered a dauntingly rigid activity – this book proves the opposite: it demands high levels of creativity and thinking outside the box. Highlighting the creative aspects of software maintenance and combining analytical and systems thinking in a holistic manner, the book motivates readers not to blithely follow the beaten tracks of “technical rationality”. It delivers the content in a pragmatic fashion using case studies which are woven into long running story lines. The book is organized in four parts, which can be read in any order, except for the first chapter, which introduces software maintenance and evolution and presents a number of case studies of software failures. The “Introduction to Key Concepts” briefly introduces the major elements of software maintenance by highlighting various core concepts that are vital in order to see the forest for the trees. Each such concept is illustrated with a worked example. Next, the “Forward Engineering” part debunks the myth that being fast and successful during initial development is all that matters. To this end, two categories of forward engineering are considered: an inept initial project with a multitude of hard evolutionary phases and an effective initial project with multiple straightforward future increments. “Reengineering and Reverse Engineering” shows the difficulties of dealing with a typical legacy system, and tackles tasks such as retrofitting tests, documenting a system, restructuring a system to make it amenable for further improvements, etc. Lastly, the “DevOps” section focuses on the importance and benefits of crossing the development versus operation chasm and demonstrates how the DevOps paradigm can turn a loosely coupled design into a loosely deployable solution. The book is a valuable resource for readers familiar with the Java programming language, and with a basic understanding and/or experience of software construction and testing. Packed with examples for every elaborated concept, it offers complementary material for existing courses and is useful for students and professionals alike.

Author: Ervin Varga

Stalking the Herd (912 votes)

Summary Stalking the Herd eBook Pdf ePub and Kindle

Stalking the Herd by Christopher O'Brien

Who or What is Behind the Cattle Mutilations? The cattle mutilation phenomenon is an ongoing mystery that has endured for almost 50 years. What have we learned, if anything, from the countless reports filed? Who or what is behind the death and disfigurement of livestock reported as mutilated around the globe? Are these deaths simply attributable to natural predators and scavengers? Or is the military/government somehow involved; perhaps monitoring “mad cow disease”? Are the deaths the action of ritual “cultists” as police say the evidence would suggest? Is it possible that alien predators are involved, as some researchers and the media have suggested? Are black helicopters or UFOs related to the cattle mutilation phenomenon as many witnesses have claimed? Regardless of who or what is responsible, what are the motivations behind perpetrating what may be the greatest unsolved serial crime spree of all time? Stalking the Herd addresses these questions in depth and also offers an objective look at the history of our venerated relationship with cattle, the first domesticated livestock. Is there a connection between these ritualistic cattle deaths and humankind’s ancient practice of animal sacrifice? Why are there no Brahman cattle mutilations in India where cattle are revered to this day? Are aliens gathering genetic material for unknown purposes? What about the thousands of pounds of scientific forensic evidence? Are some hidden sections of the military conducting secret projects that—for some reason known only to them—involve the mutilation of hundreds of cattle in an area that includes Colorado Springs, the NORAD command base inside Cheyenne Mountain and the strange little town called Dulce on a small Apache Reservation?

Author: Christopher O'Brien

Unraveling the Mystery of the Motivational Gifts (740 votes)

Summary Unraveling the Mystery of the Motivational Gifts eBook Pdf ePub and Kindle

Unraveling the Mystery of the Motivational Gifts by Rick Walston

The first thing that you must learn about spiritual gifts is that you have one. You may not realize it, but you function in your gift daily. God has equipped each member of the Body of Christ with a special ability to do His will. This special ability is called a spiritual gift. Many readers of this book will feel a sense of discovery of who they are in Christ. They will discover their spiritual gifts for the first time, and they will learn how to move forward in the ministry that God has entrusted to them.

Author: Rick Walston

The Unraveling of Shauna Blackman (847 votes)

Summary The Unraveling of Shauna Blackman eBook Pdf ePub and Kindle

The Unraveling of Shauna Blackman by J.C. Nicholson

On a cold November night while the world slept, Shauna Blackman left Massachusetts believing she murdered her husband. Her need to escape made sense except she didn't have a husband. It was the night Shauna fell into a rabbit hole, the story not to be confused with Alice in Wonderland. If she knew of a state with heat to spare she wuld have gone there, but it was the first place anyone would look for her. The only one who knew how her mind worked was her twin sister JessE, but JessE couldn't be trusted. Something was up with that girl. Trapped in a tiny town in Maine overrun with secrets, lies, and murder, fate turned against her. The bartender in town blamed her for a murder and the man she fell in love with was a bounty hunter. It was a no win situation unless fate had a change of heart.

Author: J.C. Nicholson

Unraveling the "Model Minority" Stereotype (835 votes)

Summary Unraveling the "Model Minority" Stereotype eBook Pdf ePub and Kindle

Unraveling the

The second edition of Unraveling the "Model Minority" Stereotype: Listening to Asian American Youth extends Stacey Lee’s groundbreaking research on the educational experiences and achievement of Asian American youth. Lee provides a comprehensive update of social science research to reveal the ways in which the larger structures of race and class play out in the lives of Asian American high school students, especially regarding presumptions that the educational experiences of Koreans, Chinese, and Hmong youth are all largely the same. In her detailed and probing ethnography, Lee presents the experiences of these students in their own words, providing an authentic insider perspective on identity and interethnic relations in an often misunderstood American community. This second edition is essential reading for anyone interested in Asian American youth and their experiences in U.S. schools. Stacey J. Lee is Professor of Educational Policy Studies at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. She is the author of Up Against Whiteness: Race, School, and Immigrant Youth. “Stacey Lee is one of the most powerful and influential scholarly voices to challenge the ‘model minority’ stereotype. Here in its second edition, Lee’s book offers an additional paradigm to explain the barriers to educating young Asian Americans in the 21st century—xenoracism (i.e., racial discrimination against immigrant minorities) intersecting with issues of social class.” —Xue Lan Rong, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill “Breaking important new theoretical and empirical ground, this revised edition is a must read for anyone interested in Asian American youth, race/ethnicity, and processes of transnational migration in the 21st century.” —Lois Weis, State University of New York Distinguished Professor “Clear, accessible, and significantly updated…. The book’s core lesson is as relevant today as it was when the first edition was published, presenting an urgent call to dismantle the dangerous stereotypes that continue to structure inequality in 21st century America.” —Teresa L. McCarty, Alice Wiley Snell Professor of Education Policy Studies, Arizona State University Praise for the First Edition! "Sure to stimulate further research in this area and will be of interest to teachers, teacher educators, researchers, and students alike." —Teachers College Record "A must read for those interested in a different approach in understanding our racial experience beyond the stale and repetitious polemics that so often dominate the public debate." —The Journal of Asian Studies “Well written and jargon-free, this book…documents genuinely candid views from Asian-American students, often laden with their own prejudices and ethnocentrism.” —MultiCultural Review

Author: Stacy J. Lee